Our Approach

Affinity recognizes that most internal IT departments have limited resources. Outsourcing part or all of your IT department gives your company access to a dedicated team with the latest tools, training, and knowledge. With this in mind, we strive to build solid relationships with our clients that focus on personalized attention, trust and exceptional customer service.

To deliver on this, it is important for us to understand our clients’ immediate and long-term needs. Operating a boutique-style firm allows us to provide a strong, client-centric environment that is focused on relationship development and support, as well as continuous advisement. By developing intimate relationships, we are looking out for our clients’ long term success. 

Here’s our approach:

  • 1.


    We work with you to examine your current objectives and identify areas we can focus on to best meet your needs.

  • 2


    We assess your current infrastructure and based upon our initial discussion, we research the best available solutions that fit your needs and budget.

  • 3


    Based upon our research, we present a proposal that shows the pros and cons of available solutions, along with our recommendations.

  • 4


    Once an agreed upon direction has been decided, we will develop and implement a plan, taking steps to minimize disruptions while we work.

  • 5

    Ongoing Support

    We provide ongoing support and re-evaluate your infrastructure based upon your current and future business goals.

Affinity believes in constantly monitoring and assessing a clients needs and we will make recommendations that fit your evolving business.