Our Solutions

At Affinity, we believe in being an extension of your business.  In addition to traditional support, we get to know how your business works so we can help you maximize productivity and meet your evolving objectives.

Here’s how we do it:

Proactive Support

To prevent most issues from occurring, Affinity focuses on proactively monitoring system health, and resolving issues before they arise. Protected machines check in several times per hour allowing our system to review vital information and look for trends that could cause issues if left unresolved. Our system monitor and enforces Window updates, one of the most common causes of crashes. Our cloud-based monitoring software is accessible from anywhere, ensuring the same level of support regardless of where you're working from.

Nondisruptive Operation

Traditionally support has involved technicians taking over your computer, either in person or remotely, to resolve issues and disrupting your workflow. Affinity's remote management system allows us to not only monitor but resolve most issues in the background without needing to disrupt your workflow. We recognize that office hours aren't always 9-5, so we work with our clients to determine the best time to perform maintenance.

Maximize Uptime

One of the largest values of support is not resolving issues, but keeping your staff up and running. To avoid downtime our recommendations include business class workstations with proven reliability and 4 hour monthly on-site warranty support. As well, we partnering with solution providers with a proven track-record of reliability.

Intelligent Protection

Network security and protection is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of an IT environment. Rather than relying on traditional tactics, our intelligent protection system has a security solution that ensures protection against current threats. To learn more about our comprehensive solution, click below.

Virtual CIO

Our solution always begins with the discussion of your needs, assessment of your infrastructure, and implementation of the agreed upon recommended solution. As your business grows, new technology is released, and your needs evolve, so does your business plan. In addition to support, we provide continuous advisement as your Virtual CIO. We're here to help with budgeting, quarterly planning and explaining how new solutions can enhance your business.