The traditional approach to network security was to protect your data by blocking connections to and from your network with a firewall and regularly scanning your devices on the network for viruses and malware. This worked in the past, when data was kept on site and accessed from computers within the network, but this is no longer the reality for most businesses. Information now flows to and from the cloud, is accessed by personal devices such as phones and tablets, and is accessed by staff working remotely. Security threats such as ransomware are sophisticated, dynamic, and not detected by scanners until changes have been made.

To protect your business against modern security threats, Affinity solution works as follows:

Endpoint Analysis

In addition to providing a layer of security on the protected devices, the Affinity agent uploads vital information about the health of your machines several times per hour to our server. This information is analysed for errors, security vulnerabilities, as well as trends which may negatively impact your machines in the near future. Once an issue is detected, our technicians are alerted and are able to resolve most issues in the background while you continue to work.

Intelligent Network Hardware

Firewalls are essential for protecting your network from external threats but what happens if one gets in, staff Unknowingly download something malicious, or the threat comes from inside? To address this, Affinity deploys intelligent networking solutions which monitor and block suspicious files as they pass through the network, before reaching their intended targets.

Flexible Recovery Options

Whether you need to recover single file, a database, or your entire system our flexible recovery solution ensures you are protected. Our backup solution works by taking a snapshot of your entire system and updating this throughout the day. Additionally, backups are replicated off-site to a Canadian data centre so that if you’re on site backups are ever destroyed, exact replicas of your systems can be made available in the cloud and access remotely within hours.

Secure Authentication

Having a complex password is no longer enough to ensure your accounts are protected. To provide an extra layer of security, we work with partners and vendors Who understand the importance of multifactor authentication (MFA) as well as Single Sign Ons (SSO)). MFA secures your account with something you have (your cellphone or a keyfob) and something you know (your password). If someone attempts to login with your password but does not have your security object, the login is denied and an alert is sent, allowing you to change your password to regain full security. SSO allows you to safely use the same login for multiple services, which lowers the number of accounts you have as well as the number of times you need to login. Upon an employee departure, locking the one account removes access to their computer, email, company Wi-Fi, and all linked services

Preparing for the unknown

Using the above tactics we are able to effectively protect against the current generation of security threats, however we are also preparing for what comes next. Using real-time, heuristic based scanners in combination with our endpoint auditing, we continuously scan for suspicious activity such as a large number of changes in a very small time or an unknown software using an unusual amount of resources. By predicting unwanted behaviour, we are taking active steps to ensure your business is as safe as possible.